Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Each new decade seems to bring new ways of describing and laying claim to old hobbies, habits & doodles.  I was totally surprised to find that my old doodling all over my notebooks in highschool back in the 60's is now considered a 'form of art'.  A new coined name for doodling is now 'Zentangles' www.zentangle.com.  There are kits & classes to teach you to doodle and there are people purchasing the offerings!  Where am I that I am always behind on the windfall of such cleverness!

No matter.  Grab a favorite piece of blank paper and a nice, crisp, easy to use pen or marker and join in the newest craze.  Squiggle a few lines or boxes, square, circles, tubes... whatever and color them in with more squiggles, lines, boxes, squares, letters, words, dots, dashes... and you will be one of the newest artists of this decade.  You will be a Zentangler or a Zendoodler! 

Whatever you call it - just have fun!


fabricpixie said...

Hi Lynn, your doodles are really wonderful, you are a talented 'doodler'!

Give the Zentangles a try using thread and fabric, it is fun.

warm quilt hugs, sue in CA

Pretty Postal Art said...

thanks Sue... I have several ideas in mind for doing these in quilting (free motion)... I'll post them when I get around to doing them... so many ideas, so little time! Hugs, L

Shirley Pando said...

Hello! I'm visiting all the TFPC gals blogs this weekend. Love your dyed cloth in your blog header..so yummy!!