Saturday, January 22, 2011

Going Green

It's a LOT warmer today - all the way to 10 degrees outdoors and lots of sunshine!  Indiana has already exceeded the average of 27" of snow for a season and more on the way. 

Being in doors more gives more opportunity to find things to do (other than the mandatory stuff... staying ahead of the board of health)... I like to sort through things and get rid of what is no longer useable or useful.  Passing things on to thrift shops is just a thrill for me.  Even more of a thrill is to find something to reuse - recycle - reinvent... I suppose the current buzz word is 'going green'... so I'm posting some fun things I've recycled this week while practicing my doodling!  Hope you enjoy them... see if you know what they are.

1 comment:

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Dominos!!!! I know because I've been painting them with alcohol inks. Now I've got to try this!