Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Closing out 2010 - Planning 2011

CLEARLY... I have an addiction!  Anything that can enhance, alter, manipulate, complete a project using cloth or paper or a combination of the two is like a giant, powerful magnet!  Try as I may, I cannot escape the pulling and tugging & all the ideas that take flight in my head!

Each time I go through all of my rubber stamps, I vow it is the LAST time to buy a stamp, any stamp, ever, ever, ever... then I go shopping for something totally unrelated and glance down the stamp aisle to spot a 40% off sale!  As hard as I fight the urge, I find myself 'just looking'... then 'just touching', then justifying why just one more stamp will complete the collection of items I need for the next quilt, wall hanging, canvas, cloth doll, journal, inchie, postcard, letter or card, tote bag, jacket or sweatshirt.... those darn new clear stamps are just too yummy to pass up - especially when they are on sale!


To add to the collection I have had for years, I have discovered black gesso! Oh my... what a wonderful addition to any artist's toy box!  Don't go there... if you have any of the weakness that I have described... don't go near the acrylics, gessos, gels... forget you ever heard of that section of anyplace you shop...

I have added fresh paint brushes, new white gesso, gel medium and a brand new black gesso, some clear stamps, a couple of fresh stamp pads (StaZon is a wonderful 'find' for permanent ink projects) to my studio. 

Michaels has a great package deal on some nice sized canvases right now, so I added a few to my stock...  I won't need much fabric and I need absolutely no new thread... I look forward to dabbling in a lot of mixed media during the year ahead while trying to use up a huge stockpile of beautiful fabrics.  I will finish several quilt tops sometime early in the year and begin new ones.  I will dye more fabric and have already purchased a full bolt of black Kona to discharge with bleach and the sun come warmer weather.  I'm more confident about using the  Shiva Paintsticks & all the beautiful Setacolors and acrylics I have accumulated...

I don't know what is in store for 2011 but I plan to find more quiet time for the Creator and for creating... the two go hand in hand for me... I pray that family & friends will surround me throughout the year ahead  that I may offer a gift to each of them in some small way... by something I say, make, teach or share.

May the year ahead bring great joy and blessing for each and everyone who reads this blog.  Travel some of this journey with me as I try harder to post more of the things that stir the creativity within me... share with me all that you are learning & trying in your art journey...

As you move forward... have fun - enjoy the journey!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where Has Lynn Been?

Oh my, how long can one go without blogging before she is tossed into the blog bone pile?  Well... aparently a very long time... I wasn't sure if I could find my page or not.  Then there is the perverbial question 'where is my password'?  (I am not a good speller, so if there is a misspell just use phonics & deal with it!) 

Arriving at this spot I found lots of changes that could be made... BUT - I am proud to have come here before 2010 is completely gone, I will have blogged in 2010!

So, where have I been and what on earth have I been doing?  Much too much to bore you with details.  So, let's just hop into the fun stuff to report, the reason this page was created!  I just hop from obsession to obsession in art and creativity.  I never get tired of learning... does any artist?

This year I have continued to keep our postcard group going full speed with the help of a wonderful gal, Alice, who has just done a fabulous job with moderating & keeping fresh swaps going.  Honestly, I think I would have had to abandon the whole thing and close the group without her.  Thankfully, our 'family' stayed in tact and we will be even stronger in 2011.

We have an art group formed here in Indianapolis.  We try to meet once a month.  Whoever hosts the group also shares whatever creativity she has and demonstrates lots of techniques for us.  We are able to experience 'hands on' fun with most demonstrations.  Our group is growing so it is anyone guess how much longer we can meet in homes, but for the immediate future, that is what we are doing... that is, when we are not meeting at a local coffee shop or restaurant for show and tell and chatter.

I have taken a workshop from Esterita Austin... if you do not know what she does, go see her fabulous work!  A fun, and very different workshop in mixed media is my latest 'obsession'.  A local artist Jill Metz offered a workshop a few weeks ago.  We all completed a canvas with all kinds of techniques.  It is an exaggerated form of decoupage but it is NOT your grandmothers decoupage and I would encourage everyone who loves to play with paper, fabric, scissors, glue, paint, found objects, yadda, yadda, yadda.. to find a class or begin a search and step out of your comfort zone in 2011. 

Early in the spring I visited with Phil Beaver in French Lick, IN.  He is a gracious host.  He has displayed and been a favorite at Paducah & Houston, he is a retired art teacher who has   traveled internationally with his teaching techniques and wonderful quilted & handpainted art... he now has a studio built in back of his home where he does outstanding oil paintings of much of southern Indiana... a must see!  If you EVER go through southern Indiana, you REALLY owe it to your self (and Phil) to stop by to say 'hello'. 

I have made jewelry this year... yes, a real stretch from fabric, canvas and paint... delightful experience and one I want to continue.  I have even made jewelry from old t-shirts.  I've worked in clay and dabbled with the idea of ceramics... now that should get your interest!

I will begin posting info from our local gatherings & a few techniques in 2011.  My goal is to post once a month as we gather locally and have fresh ideas & techniques.  We started out to share postcards and ideas ... that has expanded to full size quilts down to tiny inchies, art quilts, totes, canvases, greeting cards, string art, sewing and stamping on everything from cardstock, paper, soda cans, boxes... you name it, we can stamp & color on anything!  We paint, dye fabric... curious? Plan a weekend trip to Indy for one of our crazy get togethers OR just stay tuned for more info as 2011 unfolds.

Be blessed in this most blessed season.  Remember the Reason for the season.  Practice being grateful.  Love someone who does not expect it or deserve it.  Create something unexpected.  Color outside the lines.

Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!