Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Happened to Summer 2009?

Wow, what a fast summer this has been.

It seems I fell asleep, blinked & the summer vanished. The grandchildren are back in school and the more ritualistic school schedules have started so quickly it's hard to imagine that they ever stopped.

We have had a fun summer. Lots of family get togethers. Chances to learn new arts & crafts. Trip to the Children's Museum. Visit from daughter who lives out of state. While I never learned to make friendship bracelets in the 60's, I have now learned to make them for the grandchildren. Three of them know how to make their own so we are having lots of fun with all colors of embroidery floss & small charms.

I have started speaking to Quilt Guilds and small groups about the fun activity of fabric postcard swapping. Over the past 2 1/2 years I have now made, mailed & received more than 400 of these small fun pieces of art. I tell those who are at the meetings that I am the largest trunk show that they will ever see where they are allowed to touch & examine the small quilts up close and personal. I figure if they make it through the postal system, there isn't much to do to endanger them by a few loving hands. Several new members have joined ArtWeMail, so we will expand out talents & share even more in 2010.
Hope your summer was eventful and full of wonderful memories.