Saturday, September 28, 2013

OK, is there anyone who does not love to find a new gift idea for teachers, friends, co-workers?  If you have not found the microwave potholder yet, go to your favorite search engine and type it in... it is all over the internet - WHERE HAVE I BEEN??
From the time I cut out 4 - 10" fabric squares, 2 - 9" batting (both 100% cotton for the safety of the microwave oven) - 15 minutes and I was finished with the most wonderful 'cupped' potholder!  Bowl fits in the center as you put it in the oven - bowl gets hot - fingers don't... no scurrying around for potholder or dishtowel.. the cupped holder is already around the hot bowl so you can move it easily and safely!  Good for cold ice cream bowl too... Seriously, go take a look and have some fun with a fast, fun, useful project!
Have fun! Enjoy the journey!

Friday, September 6, 2013

September 5, 2013

New Beginnings

In September 2012 I emerged from retirement to begin a wonderful new career!  Well, i suppose career is a bit of an exaggeration when one is old enough to retire, so I will modify my endeavor to "careerette", mini version of our first chapter! 

Quilt Expressions is located in Fishers, IN. I am so excited to have an opportunity to spend my days working with wonderful people in an environment I love...fabric, teaching, ability to create fabric art quilts of all sizes, easy drive to work....

My first Thread Art class is set for September 16th! And it is filled! I will be teaching how to draw with thread, then how to color with Derwent ink pencils....beautiful results and with proper steps the process can be permanent.  I love teaching techniques that students can expand  to their own favorite fabric art projects.  

Watch for pictures and tutorials in the future.  Meantime, thank you for reading after such long silence...i will post more soon!  Blessings & Hugs, Lynn

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coming Soon -
Pictures, tutorials, tips & techniques for fabric art ideas...
It seems eons between postings - but that doesn't mean that lots of fun stuff isn't going on - in fact, that's exactly why the posts are not kept up to date... over the next few weeks I am planning to get some new pictures & information out to this sight for inspiration & encouragement. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Going Green

It's a LOT warmer today - all the way to 10 degrees outdoors and lots of sunshine!  Indiana has already exceeded the average of 27" of snow for a season and more on the way. 

Being in doors more gives more opportunity to find things to do (other than the mandatory stuff... staying ahead of the board of health)... I like to sort through things and get rid of what is no longer useable or useful.  Passing things on to thrift shops is just a thrill for me.  Even more of a thrill is to find something to reuse - recycle - reinvent... I suppose the current buzz word is 'going green'... so I'm posting some fun things I've recycled this week while practicing my doodling!  Hope you enjoy them... see if you know what they are.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Each new decade seems to bring new ways of describing and laying claim to old hobbies, habits & doodles.  I was totally surprised to find that my old doodling all over my notebooks in highschool back in the 60's is now considered a 'form of art'.  A new coined name for doodling is now 'Zentangles'  There are kits & classes to teach you to doodle and there are people purchasing the offerings!  Where am I that I am always behind on the windfall of such cleverness!

No matter.  Grab a favorite piece of blank paper and a nice, crisp, easy to use pen or marker and join in the newest craze.  Squiggle a few lines or boxes, square, circles, tubes... whatever and color them in with more squiggles, lines, boxes, squares, letters, words, dots, dashes... and you will be one of the newest artists of this decade.  You will be a Zentangler or a Zendoodler! 

Whatever you call it - just have fun!