Saturday, September 28, 2013

OK, is there anyone who does not love to find a new gift idea for teachers, friends, co-workers?  If you have not found the microwave potholder yet, go to your favorite search engine and type it in... it is all over the internet - WHERE HAVE I BEEN??
From the time I cut out 4 - 10" fabric squares, 2 - 9" batting (both 100% cotton for the safety of the microwave oven) - 15 minutes and I was finished with the most wonderful 'cupped' potholder!  Bowl fits in the center as you put it in the oven - bowl gets hot - fingers don't... no scurrying around for potholder or dishtowel.. the cupped holder is already around the hot bowl so you can move it easily and safely!  Good for cold ice cream bowl too... Seriously, go take a look and have some fun with a fast, fun, useful project!
Have fun! Enjoy the journey!

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