Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome Spring?

Pretty Postal Art is still in existence.... lots of postcards have been swapped internationally for almost a year. The group has grown and so has the talent. We recently did a card exchange in honor of Big Bird's Birthday which was March 20th. The farthest he has come to me so far has been Australia!
Do you know that he is called something different in other parts of the world? Just take a look:Brazil: Garibaldo *Mexico: Abelardo *China: Da Niao *Spain: at first Caponata * / but now Paco PicoPortugal: Poupas *France: Toccata *German: BiboThe Netherlands: neef Jan

There are actually 17 different versions of this big, lovable creation!

The yellow postcards have been a hit with the local postal clerks. I have a wonderful team of postal clerks where I live & mail. That's not the case for other 'swappers'... there are some grouchy folks out there who just have a challege with others who have fun & smile a lot! Especially if they have a little bit of authority! We better not go there -

I DO love having a blog although I have to admit, I forget to do anything with it. Obviously, the mind has not wandered to this page since January! I'll try to do a bit better but no big promises as this is a stress free endeavor (and believe me, I have plenty of stress other places so don't send me any).

Today at 5:30 a.m. there was an earthquake in Indiana, 5.2 whatever that means in terms of severity... 7 or 8 aftershocks so far - hard to believe! I slept right through it. I'm disappointed. I would have at least liked to be able to talk about my experience but I'm afraid I would have to make up stories based on the local news.... it's easy to memorize the process as they have all repeated the EXACT words for the event - over & over & over & over... wouldn't it be nice if the news teams around the world would find some really positive, encouraging, fun, interesting news and repeat it over & over & over? How about giving the same exaggerrated energy to all the wonderful events on our local, national & international homefronts that they give to the thugs & low life - to be in the news you either have to go to Hollywood & do something totally stupid & irresponsible or be a thief, pervert or gangster! Too bad that someone isn't brave enough to change the profile of reporting.... sounds like a good assignement, eh?

Rambling is work so I'll keep this a short entry - lots to do as I am spring cleaning - throwing out 'stuff'.... enjoying seeing open space on shelves and empty drawers - something theraputic in all of this.

Happy Spring to all - I hope blessings are blooming everywhere you go & if by chance they are not - YOU plant the first one!