Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving is more than a holiday

Up at 5:30 Thursday morning to begin preparations for Thanksgiving Day. A day to give thanks for freedom, family, friends, blessings... a day to build memories and take pictures. Thanksgiving sort of kicks off the Christmas season as we begin talking about gifts we will search for and when to start putting up the tree.
Up at 4:30 on Friday morning to go shopping with our daughter. Insane? Maybe.
I wouldn't trade my sleep for all our chatter and giggles. We made memories as we watched all of the other crazies - some had been up all night waiting for "the perfect bargain". Not us, we had a few things to look for but we were neither one working as hard as the crowds around us. It was a morning for just the two of us. Kids were in bed at Gramma's house, Papa ready to act like he was sleeping when they would run into his bedroom making noise and trying to surprise him.

We found a Starbucks open by 5:30.

All of our serious shopping was over by 7:00. We managed to find a few other things to go look at and do and touch and smell while we continued to catch up on life. We came home at 9:00 a.m. for a fun filled day with children and family.
Our son was here with his 3 little girls and a new puppy. A Swissie - 16 wweeks old and 36 lbs. More giggles, more conversation, more memories.

Friday evening more family joined us to help celebrate GG's (Great Grandmother)
85th birthday.

Saturday, Papa finally build a fire in the firepit - something that had only been a dream and conversation until Saturday. The glow of the embers in the fire could not match the glow on those little faces as they helped Papa prepare to fix hot dogs and marshmallows.

Thanksgiving, a holiday? Maybe for some but for us it is a lifestyle. It's nice to have a holiday to illuminate all we have to be grateful for but I'd like to think that our family and friends know that thanksgiving is a part of our hearts each time we think of them!