Monday, December 31, 2007


May the year ahead be filled with prayer, peace, joy, hope, health, family, friends & fun - may the memory of the year behind you be only of those things that brought great comfort and encouragement & may you find every opportunity to give thanks in all things.
May the bad events & any memories of them be cast as far as the deepest sea, never to return.
May you find time to entertain your inner child and color outside the lines!
Happy New Year and welcome 2008!

Friday, December 28, 2007

What will you collect in 2008?

Collections? Art? Crafts? Hobbies? What kind of collections have interested you through the years?Eons ago, I collected butterfly pictures for a short time, cute, but not as interesting as owls. Oh my! It is unimagineable what you open yourself up to when you start "collecting" anything and other people find out. Now, I don't want to sound unappreciative, I did receive some nice things occassionally - BUT - mostly things no one else wanted under any circumstances. The "collection" ended after our small children took a few coins and went to some neighborhood garage sales! When they returned they had a dark brown, badly carved, badly painted, even more badly fired, ceramic owl that stood about 2 feet tall. A neighbor (who is likely still laughing) sold it to them for a penny and helped them make me a gift card to go with it. That awful owl stood on my fireplace for nearly a year before someone knocked it off with a basketball - it was the ONLY time I applauded a basketball being bounced in the house. I kissed the kids and kissed the basketball. We still laugh at the experience. Need I tell you that I stopped collecting anything!

Well, let's say I stopped collecting until more recent days. In June of 2007 I joined my first postcard exchange after reading about those little jewels I wanted some of my own. I joined a large swap, having no clue the time or thought that had to be put into the creation. After making my first 50 in less than 2 months, I needed a break... however, I couldn't stop making them and I missed pretty mail in my mailbox. I had even made friends with our local postoffice clerks & mail carriers and they were all missing the pretty mail! I started my own Yahoo group - ArtWeMail- to have the option of smaller swaps. Today there are more than 60 members. It has actually turned into much more than a hobby and collection. We have become a group of international friends who enjoy sharing our hobby, our talents, our interests, our families & friends and our prayers.
Thank you everyone in ArtWeMail for making 2007 a wonderful journey while we all had so much fun together. Today I collect fabric postcards from all over the world. There are no ugly ones. Each one has been held by the hands of someone who loves what she is doing and shares what she has with others.Isn't that a wonderful way to link in each other's lives & cultures? We have sought out what we have in common and built wonderful stories & memories. We hold a spot in each other's homes and in each other's hearts! No negotiations, no treaties, no contracts, no pressure. We have flexible deadlines and open ended freedom to be creative all for the price of a stamp, we fly all over the world! May 2008 be filled with as much fun and friendship as we have experienced in 2007 for everyone who gives themselves permission to find what their neighbors have in common and build on it!
Oh, by the way, I collect pretty postal art and new friends. I have no fear of being disappointed!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas

How do you go about getting ready for Christmas?

Shopping? Sewing? Baking Cookies? Sending Christmas cards? Writing a Christmas letter?

Well, this year I've done all of the above and feel more behind than ever. It has snowed 5" and iced the roads to the mall and craft stores. The weather has changed our travel plans. The calendar keeps moving forward.

Being snowed in is a good time to really get ready for Christmas. Instead of rushing and pushing my way through crowds or packing for a trip, it has been a time to step back, look out at God's beautiful creation and thank Him for the gorgeous Christmas card in the form of the landscape and to ask His forgiveness for rushing past the reason for the season.

May this be a season of peace, hope, love and blessing for all who may stumble across this blog.

May the year ahead bring more reason to be thankful for the ability to recognize and love our family & friends, for enough food to be satisfied, to read, to worship freely, sing, dance, shop, own a computer and all our toys - and to recognize the greatest gift of all in our own ability to know our Creator

Be a blessing and be blessed

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving is more than a holiday

Up at 5:30 Thursday morning to begin preparations for Thanksgiving Day. A day to give thanks for freedom, family, friends, blessings... a day to build memories and take pictures. Thanksgiving sort of kicks off the Christmas season as we begin talking about gifts we will search for and when to start putting up the tree.
Up at 4:30 on Friday morning to go shopping with our daughter. Insane? Maybe.
I wouldn't trade my sleep for all our chatter and giggles. We made memories as we watched all of the other crazies - some had been up all night waiting for "the perfect bargain". Not us, we had a few things to look for but we were neither one working as hard as the crowds around us. It was a morning for just the two of us. Kids were in bed at Gramma's house, Papa ready to act like he was sleeping when they would run into his bedroom making noise and trying to surprise him.

We found a Starbucks open by 5:30.

All of our serious shopping was over by 7:00. We managed to find a few other things to go look at and do and touch and smell while we continued to catch up on life. We came home at 9:00 a.m. for a fun filled day with children and family.
Our son was here with his 3 little girls and a new puppy. A Swissie - 16 wweeks old and 36 lbs. More giggles, more conversation, more memories.

Friday evening more family joined us to help celebrate GG's (Great Grandmother)
85th birthday.

Saturday, Papa finally build a fire in the firepit - something that had only been a dream and conversation until Saturday. The glow of the embers in the fire could not match the glow on those little faces as they helped Papa prepare to fix hot dogs and marshmallows.

Thanksgiving, a holiday? Maybe for some but for us it is a lifestyle. It's nice to have a holiday to illuminate all we have to be grateful for but I'd like to think that our family and friends know that thanksgiving is a part of our hearts each time we think of them!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time keeps on tickin' tickin' tickin' into the future

If you recognize that song you are as old as I am! Thats something to think about - way old enough to vote - not quite older than dirt but swiftly approaching.

Age used to scare me, now it delights me. Time does keep on tickin and allowing me to recognize the things that are important over the emergencies that others create for me (or I create for myself). Taking time out for friends and family seems to be at the top of my list these days. Unfortunately, it is not at the top of some of their lists so there are still limitations.

We have started to lose friends to health & age associated diseases - not to be morbid or sad, it is a part of the process of life. It is also a reality check to make sure that we are enjoying each day with those we love and appreciate and creating GOOD memories - everyday is a memory - what kinds are we making?

I like to think that sending pretty things through the mail brightens someone's otherwise dull day. I like to believe that because I care I have brought a smile to someone's face who may have forgotten that it is OK to be happy even when life is a little challenging. I love to know that I have been a positive influence in our grandchildren's lives and have spent the time with them that they will cherish for years to come and pass that same time on to their own children and grandchildren.

Several months ago I began swapping postcards with ladies from all around the world. A few weeks ago I shared that experience at a dinner. I am now scheduled to teach the art of fabric postcard making and swapping. This has been a fun journey. I am learning that women around the world have more in common than not. Isn't it amazing how much we can get to know one another on very simple levels through our hobbies & interests. What a novel idea - being interested in other people... caring about helping each other to grow and learn more instead of competing and comparing.

Monday, September 17, 2007

September 17, 2007

Is it just me or do weekends seem like a blur?

We are blessed to have 5 grandchildren. We traveled to Ohio to see 2 of them play soccer this weekend. Between the traffic & wrong turns, we managed to miss most of the soccer games, for which we were most disappointed - it is a real treat to watch those little legs move so fast and with such purpose (that is when our grandson wasn't taking time out to grab a handful of grapes, he's 5 - grapes are more interesting than sports).

This past week has been another adventure full of sewing fabric art and making baby gifts. I love making baby gifts - it is a message that God thinks life is pretty special and has given us permission to continue on! I've also received and sent postcards all around the globe. Friendships are being formed through simple little pieces of art that women from every country and culture seem to enjoy. Over the next several weeks I will begin posting pictures of things I have mailed, things I have received and techniques for many of the projects.

I hope that as you stumble across this site you will be inspired and encouraged to share your work with me as well. If you should want to join in a postcard swap, know that you are welcome to do so at , a friendly swap group where the novice & experienced are welcome.

Today I am diverted from sewing for the most part, but I don't mind. I have a little 15 mo. old visitor. In fact I have this same little visitor every Monday now though the schoolyear. She is our baby granddaughter, napping at the moment but will wake soon. We will laugh, dance & play our way through the day and build one more day of memories.

I honestly don't know for sure why I am "blogging". I suppose I am always looking to learn something new with all these new found toys in the electronic, high tech world. I'm not very high tech - I just love learning something new. I honestly don't know how long this blog will be in existence as it is more of an experiment than anything - a hobby - not a career, much like my art endeavors.

Blessings to all who enter here - love, peace & prosperity to you as you share the same blessings with others.

Have fun - Enjoy the journey

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Returning from a long weekend

Wonderful memories are created whenever family gathers. There are no memories as precious as the ones created with and by children, the weekend was filled with children.

Sunday was another family picnic which provided great opportunity to collect memories of giggles, screams, fun stories and good food. Most of all it provided another day to hug those we love and appreciate the time together. We missed some who could not be there and hope for their participation next time.

Today I'm taking a little bit of time to try to figure out what to do with my own blog. I am learning one important thing so far - I know that I don't know much about this whole adventure but it is another thing I like learning in this wonderful world of technology.

I look forward to sharing pictures, stories, hobbies and getting to know new friends who share the same interests.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Greetings Pretty Postal Art

Pretty Postal Art has been created to connect with other fiber artists who enjoy exchanging postcards and other small fiber art creations.
I am hopeful that everyone who visits will share and glean from techniques and experiences with their fiber creations.