Sunday, December 16, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas

How do you go about getting ready for Christmas?

Shopping? Sewing? Baking Cookies? Sending Christmas cards? Writing a Christmas letter?

Well, this year I've done all of the above and feel more behind than ever. It has snowed 5" and iced the roads to the mall and craft stores. The weather has changed our travel plans. The calendar keeps moving forward.

Being snowed in is a good time to really get ready for Christmas. Instead of rushing and pushing my way through crowds or packing for a trip, it has been a time to step back, look out at God's beautiful creation and thank Him for the gorgeous Christmas card in the form of the landscape and to ask His forgiveness for rushing past the reason for the season.

May this be a season of peace, hope, love and blessing for all who may stumble across this blog.

May the year ahead bring more reason to be thankful for the ability to recognize and love our family & friends, for enough food to be satisfied, to read, to worship freely, sing, dance, shop, own a computer and all our toys - and to recognize the greatest gift of all in our own ability to know our Creator

Be a blessing and be blessed

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