Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time keeps on tickin' tickin' tickin' into the future

If you recognize that song you are as old as I am! Thats something to think about - way old enough to vote - not quite older than dirt but swiftly approaching.

Age used to scare me, now it delights me. Time does keep on tickin and allowing me to recognize the things that are important over the emergencies that others create for me (or I create for myself). Taking time out for friends and family seems to be at the top of my list these days. Unfortunately, it is not at the top of some of their lists so there are still limitations.

We have started to lose friends to health & age associated diseases - not to be morbid or sad, it is a part of the process of life. It is also a reality check to make sure that we are enjoying each day with those we love and appreciate and creating GOOD memories - everyday is a memory - what kinds are we making?

I like to think that sending pretty things through the mail brightens someone's otherwise dull day. I like to believe that because I care I have brought a smile to someone's face who may have forgotten that it is OK to be happy even when life is a little challenging. I love to know that I have been a positive influence in our grandchildren's lives and have spent the time with them that they will cherish for years to come and pass that same time on to their own children and grandchildren.

Several months ago I began swapping postcards with ladies from all around the world. A few weeks ago I shared that experience at a dinner. I am now scheduled to teach the art of fabric postcard making and swapping. This has been a fun journey. I am learning that women around the world have more in common than not. Isn't it amazing how much we can get to know one another on very simple levels through our hobbies & interests. What a novel idea - being interested in other people... caring about helping each other to grow and learn more instead of competing and comparing.