Monday, September 17, 2007

September 17, 2007

Is it just me or do weekends seem like a blur?

We are blessed to have 5 grandchildren. We traveled to Ohio to see 2 of them play soccer this weekend. Between the traffic & wrong turns, we managed to miss most of the soccer games, for which we were most disappointed - it is a real treat to watch those little legs move so fast and with such purpose (that is when our grandson wasn't taking time out to grab a handful of grapes, he's 5 - grapes are more interesting than sports).

This past week has been another adventure full of sewing fabric art and making baby gifts. I love making baby gifts - it is a message that God thinks life is pretty special and has given us permission to continue on! I've also received and sent postcards all around the globe. Friendships are being formed through simple little pieces of art that women from every country and culture seem to enjoy. Over the next several weeks I will begin posting pictures of things I have mailed, things I have received and techniques for many of the projects.

I hope that as you stumble across this site you will be inspired and encouraged to share your work with me as well. If you should want to join in a postcard swap, know that you are welcome to do so at , a friendly swap group where the novice & experienced are welcome.

Today I am diverted from sewing for the most part, but I don't mind. I have a little 15 mo. old visitor. In fact I have this same little visitor every Monday now though the schoolyear. She is our baby granddaughter, napping at the moment but will wake soon. We will laugh, dance & play our way through the day and build one more day of memories.

I honestly don't know for sure why I am "blogging". I suppose I am always looking to learn something new with all these new found toys in the electronic, high tech world. I'm not very high tech - I just love learning something new. I honestly don't know how long this blog will be in existence as it is more of an experiment than anything - a hobby - not a career, much like my art endeavors.

Blessings to all who enter here - love, peace & prosperity to you as you share the same blessings with others.

Have fun - Enjoy the journey

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